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New Opening Hours for 2018 (Note:- Public Holiday times will vary)

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 11.00pm

Saturdays 7.00am - 9.00pm

Sundays 7.00am - 9.00pm


 2018 Court Hire Costs

Off Peak        10.00am - 4.00pm    $15 per hour for Members and Non-Members

Peak              4.00pm - close and all weekend,  

$21 per hour for Members and $23 per hour for Non-Members


Entries for April 2011

Jonathon Whetton (Apr 28, 2011)

WSBA offers condolences to the Family and Friends of Jonathon Whetton who died tragically in a motor bike accident last week.

Jonathon was a former WSBA Squad member, played in Junior Tournaments and represented WSBA in Teams Events, played Pennant Competition for Keilor Road and was a regular social player in our Stadium.

Jonathon's Funeral will be held on Thursday 28th April at Footscray Baptist Church, 60 Paisley St, at 10:00am.

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Great results for WSBA Veterans' Teams at Ballarat last weekend (Apr 24, 2011)
 Congratulations to the WSBA teams who played in the Ballarat Veterans tournament last:- weekend
A1 Grade Winners – WSBA Troopers
                                Riko Maruno, Dorothy McDowell, Masami Sukuki, Nola Watt, Jonas Chung, Na Khenkitisak, Jacob Leong & David Pang
A2 Grade Winners – WSBA Peckers
                                Sue Davidson, Annette Eddy, Kat Thomas, Diane Wilde, Ian Johnson, Scott Johnson, Frank McManus & Mark Wilde
B1 Grade Winners – WSBA Shuttlebusters
                                Kay Coady, Mary Chan, Fenny Nanere, Wendy Veerhuis, Corey Butler, Paul Fulton, Steve Perry & Roger Goss
B1 Grade Runners up – WSBA Wizards
                                Deborah Cocks, Jacki Crothers, Ros Harvy, Wendy Shea, Chris Bright, Mark Crothers, Evan Jones & Raymond Som
B2 Grade Fourth – WSBA Scorpions
                                Pat Gale, Jenny Gray, Rachel Murrey, Kelly Ramsey, Pasu Doraisamy, Norm Gale, Steve Lausberg & Peter Walker
D1 Grade Fifth – WSBA Bulldogs
                                Robyn Dean, Salwa Chamra, Robyne Luketic, Elfi Spranger, Howie Fu, Peter Hume, Philip Hocking & George Plumb

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2011 Altona Junior Open, Under 11, 15 & 19 (Apr 06, 2011)


Thanks to Myrna, our Referee, special thanks to Ron, Pauline, all umpires, our Coaches and WSBA staff who helped to make this day a great success.

Congratulations to all players on their performances.

                                                  Winner                       Runner Up
Under 11 Boys Singles     Ross Audley                Ryan Venpin
Under 11 Girls Singles    Nalini Kuhanandha     Irene Chau
Under 11 Boys Doubles  Yash Pednekar            Ross Audley
                                              Ryan Venpin                Alex Milanese
Under 11 Girls Doubles    Irene Chau                 Sabrina Chung
                                              Nalini Kuhahandha    Angela Yu
Under 11 Mixed Doubles  Ryan Venpin               Ross Audley
                                             Nalini Kuhanandha     Tiann Young
Under 15 Boys Singles Darshand Gobinathan    Andre Zopf
Under 15 Girls Singles   Alice Lorinz                      Adriana Phan
Under 15 Boys Doubles  Darshand Gobinathan    Calvin Hua-Ching
                                              Andre Zopf                         Ernest Yam
Under 15 Girls Doubles  Janice Au                              Alice Lorinz
                                             Adriana Phan                        Lily Rigg
Under 15 Mixed Doubles   Andre Zopf                         Eric Qi
                                                Janice Au                         Adriana Phan
Under 19 Boys Singles    Athi Selladurai                  Brendan Tang
Under 19 Girls Singles     Vinning Mak                       Jacqueline Guan
Under 19 Boys Doubles    Hu-Wen Chu                    Brayden Allen
                                               Sawan Serasinghe         Brendan Tang
Under 19 Girls Doubles   Jacqueline Guan             Vinning Mak
                                              Gronya Somerville            Natasha Sharp
Under 19 Mixed Doubles Brayden Allen                   James Dahni
                                              Vinning Mak                       Isabella Hohaus

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Badminton Victoria's Around the Courts, April 2011 (Apr 16, 2011)

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Tournament Software link for the Li Ning Sunlight International (Apr 14, 2011)
2011 Autumn Pennant Results (Apr 01, 2011)

Results to Round 8 can be found via this link

Junior Squad News (Apr 01, 2011)

2011 Junior Squad Newsletter No. 2 & the April Clinic Form can be found via the following link

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