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Western Suburbs Badminton Association Inc.

Altona Badminton Centre

Paisley Park, 217 Mason Street, Altona North, 3025

Telephone +61 3 9391 0880




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New Opening Hours for 2018 (Note:- Public Holiday times will vary)

Monday - Friday 10.00am - 11.00pm

Saturdays 7.00am - 9.00pm

Sundays 7.00am - 9.00pm


 2018 Court Hire Costs

Off Peak        10.00am - 4.00pm    $15 per hour for Members and Non-Members

Peak              4.00pm - close and all weekend,  

$21 per hour for Members and $23 per hour for Non-Members


Entries for June 2010

News for Junior players (Jun 20, 2010)

Junior Squad Newsletter No. 5

June Clinic Application Form

2010 Junior Westchamps Entry Form        for Under 11, 13, 15, 17 & 23

Please note, this tournament is only open to WSBA registered players in all age groups

Tournament software link for 2010 Junior Westchamps

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WSBA Autumn Season Photos (Jun 27, 2010)

WSBA Autumn Pennant

WSBA Junior Autumn Pennant

WSBA thanks Karen  Audley & Wilma Mckenzie for their expertise in running our Friday Night Junior Pennant.

Congratulations to Tin Cao, Terry Chau, Luke Fletcher, Oliver Huynh, Andrew Khoo, Yu Yun Lim, Khanh Nguyen, Hai Tran and Joanna Truong who attended every Friday night in Terms 1 & 2.

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2010 Victorian Open & Graded (Jun 27, 2010)

WSBA congratulates Ann- Louise Slee on winning the Victorian Womens Doubles with Leisha Cooper and the Victorian Mixed Doubles with Chad Whitehead.

You can view all the results from the weekend through these links:-

Victorian Open Results

Victorian Graded Results


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2010 Australian Open (Jun 27, 2010)

The 2010 Australian Open will be a great tournament and tickets are selling fast. The seventh ranked man in the world, Tien Minh Nguyen, from Vietnam, will be competing, so there should be some great matches.

How to purchase a ticket and see the action for yourself

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2010 Swan Hill Veterans (Jun 27, 2010)
The WSBA Sharks played in a combined A/B grade due to lack of team numbers in the higher grades. The team won all their matches against the other B grade teams and drew on games against the runner-up in the A Grade team. A great weekend was had by all - thanks to Dorothy for all  her work in organising the team.


Photo link

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Junior Ladders to Week 17 (Jun 27, 2010)
2010 Autumn Season Pennant, Results of all Finals Matches (Jun 27, 2010)

Congratulations to all Finalists!


A Grade: Grand Final Laverton 14 def. Keilor East Jets 4.

A Res Grade: Grand Final Laverton Purple JED-C 12 def. Keilor Road Yellow Demons 7.

B1 Grade: Grand-Final Keilor Road Tornado 12 def. Keilor Road Couch Potatoes 7.

B2 Grade: Grand-Final Southern Land Turtles 8 def. Keilor Road Green Geckos 5.

C1 Grade: Grand Final Keilor East Swift 11 def. Keilor Road Crusaders 9

C2 Grade: Grand-Final Keilor Road Windy Point 14 def. Laverton Bullants 9.

C3 Grade: Grand-Final Keilor East Balanced 12 def. Laverton Veterans +1, 9.

C4 Grade: Grand Final Laverton Wildcats 13 def. Laverton Rockets 8.

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Autumn Pennant Semi-Final Results (Jun 19, 2010)

Semi Finals/Finals 2010 Autumn Pennant


A Grade:  Grand Final Laverton 14 def. Keilor East Jets 4.
A Res Grade: Semi Final Laverton Purple JED-C14 def. Keilor East Warriors 6, Keilor Road Yellow Demons 10 def. Keilor Road Tusken Raiders 6.
B1 Grade: Semi-Final Keilor Road Tornado 16 def. Keilor Road Red Turtles 3, Keilor Road Couch Potatoes 10 def. Keilor East Dynamix 9.
B2 Grade: Semi-Final Southern Land Turtles 10 def. Keilor Road Smash Hit 3, Keilor Road Green Geckos 10 def. Keilor East Monday Knights 4.
C1 Grade: Semi Final Keilor East Swift 12 Def. Laverton Boomers 7, Keilor Road Crusaders 9 def. Southern Land Dragons 8.
C2 Grade: Semi Final Keilor Road Windy Point 16 def. Keilor Road Early Bird 7, Laverton Bullants 14 def. Keilor Road Road Runners 5.
C3 Grade:  Semi Final Keilor East Balanced 12 def. Laverton Mixtures 11,Laverton Veterans 16 def. Keilor Road Tiger Snakes 4.
C4 Grade: Grand Final Laverton Wildcats 13 def. Laverton Rockets 8.

Junior Autumn Pennant Week 16

A Grade:  Cherry Cola 8 drew with Dr Pepper 8, Pepsi 9 def. Sunkist 4, Creamy Soda 9 def. Solo 7.

B Grade:  7 Up 7 def. Sarsaparilla 4, Lime 11 def. Raspberry 0, Fanta 10 def. Lift 1.Coke Bye.

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